San Francisco Charter Buses Make for a Great Wedding Gift … to the Guests!


When people think about weddings, they think about wedding gifts. Most of the time these wedding guests are obviously for the bride and groom, but what if they soon to be married couple is looking for something special to do for their guests? A San Francisco charter bus could be just the ticket.

What could a San Francisco bus charter offer?


First and foremost, if the ceremony and reception are going to be taking place in two separate locations that means everyone is going to have to drive themselves from one place to the next. When you’re talking about traffic around San Francisco, even on the weekends, it can be treacherous.

It’s easy to get lost.


Even with the best GPS navigation equipment, there could be turns people don’t expect, road closures and detours, and more. With a Charter Bus San Francisco, people won’t have to worry about those things. They can simply relax and enjoy this special day.

They can even do some sightseeing.


If there’s a couple of hours between the ceremony and reception, those San Francisco charter buses can take people on sightseeing adventures all around the city. They can go to Fisherman’s Wharf, see Alcatraz, ride over the Golden Gate Bridge, and so much more. It could truly be an incredible experience for everyone, and a wonderful way for the bride and groom to say thank you to those friends and family who traveled across the country to be there for them on this special day.


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