3 Ways to Have Fun in San Francisco with Little Cash

Are you in San Francisco with your squad and have little money? All you want to do is visit places, eat heavenly delights, enjoy some fantastic views, and return home. Problem is with such little money, only some of the goals can be achieved, or it would have been if you had not stumbled upon this article.


Out first advice would be to call San Francisco Bus Charter to drive you and your friends. Secondly, save whatever remaining money you have to feed yourself – yes that’s important. And third, ask your San Francisco Bus Charter’s chauffeur to take you to the following places that won’t cost you a dime.

Land’s End:


This place is filled with fascinating things and mysterious ruins. Once you get there, you wouldn’t be able to remove your eyes from the sights that are in front of you. The shipwrecks and ruins are surrounded by beaches and a Visitor Centre. The place is free to visit.

Baseball for free:


Which game of baseball is not fun? Watching it with your friends is even more entertaining. This idea is a loophole that many San Franciscans have discovered since long ago and won’t mind showing you the ropes. When the Giants AT&T Park hosts a baseball game, you need to get a ticket. However, in case you can’t you can always watch the game from an archway that is situated along the waterfront and enjoy the game without even paying. And don’t worry; watching from the east side is not illegal or unauthorized.

Golden Gate Park:


When your San Francisco Charter Buses take you to this manmade park complete with all the forests, museums, and gardens you could ever imagine seeing, you wouldn’t be able to contain your excitement.  It offers a complete weekend of fun and even hosts many shows and dancing events. Better yet, some of these are free to visit.

If this caught your attention, call San Francisco Charter Buses now and plan your trip. The driver of your San Francisco Bus Charter will know where to take you.


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